As seen on TV – weekly batch of premium cakes from Trooly Scrumshuss

As seen on TV – weekly batch of premium cakes from Trooly Scrumshuss

Caffe del Nino are pleased to announce that we will be taking weekly delivery of a batch of Trooly Scrumptious cakes – these premium quality sweets including chocolate sandwich cakes, brownies, macaroons etc. Of Italian decent, Lizzy Deakin, proprietor and winner of a recent episode of “Come dine with me” has a an open brief to create some of her best cakes and fancies for sale from Thursday of each week. So come on in on Trooly Thursday and check them out before they all disappear.



Its an extremely exciting development in what we are offering, and there’ll be gluten free and vegan friendly options as well as the incredibly indulgent fully laden “guilty” versions – whatever your fancy, they’re all irresistible. We will be expanding the offering to include a number of traditional Italian based snacks and deserts, oh and sorry, did we forget to mention the Anti Pasti wine evenings coming up? If you fancy an Italian theme? then get in touch and let us gauge the interest.

As well as the weekly offerings from Trooly Scrumptious, we are taking orders for bespoke orders of cakes for Weddings, birthday parties, private events or just plain desire for the best in sweet cake offerings. Give us a bell and let us know what you’re looking for, we will have eventually a menu’d range of products for order on line from this site.

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