Caffe Del Ninos

Food Menu

Ninos Special All Day Breakfast

2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, Hash Brown, Beans, Poached or Scrambled Egg, Tomatoes or Mushrooms & 1 Slice of Toast£5.50
Sausage or Bacon Sandwich£2.60
2 Slices of Toast £1.60
Beans on Toast£2.60
Scrambled or Poached Egg on Toast£2.80
Omlette - Plain£2.60
Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans, Hash Brown, egg 40p
Bacon, Sausage, Chorizo, Ham60p

Paninis (Grilled)

Cheese & Tomato or Onion£3.80£4.40
Cheese & 1 Filling ( Chicken / Ham / Chorizo / Bacon or Sausage )£4.40£5.00


Cheese, Tomato or Onion£3.40
Cheese & 1 Filling ( Chicken / Ham / Chorizo / Bacon or Sausage )£4.00


Margherita - Cheese & Tomato
(Other toppings available to order ~ please ask)


Fusilli in an Arrabbiata Sauce (spicy)£3.40
Spirali in a Mascarpone Sauce
topped with parmesan cheese
Tortellini – Sausage & Ham
in a tomato and pancetta sauce
Tortellini – four cheese
in a carbonara sauce
Pasta Forno£4.60
Fillings; Chorizo, Sausage, Mediterranean Veg, Mushrooms, Bacon60p
Lasagne served with a side salad
and half baguette
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni served with a side salad
and half baguette
Chilli con Carne served with either rice or jacket potato£6.00

Sandwiches & Baguettes

Cheddar Cheese£3.00£3.40
Tuna Mayonnaise£3.40£3.80
Chicken Mayo£3.50£3.90

Sandwich Combos

Mozzarella & Mediterranean Veg£3.30£3.70
Brie & Bacon£3.40£3.80


Soup of the day
Served with Half a baguette
Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans£4.00
Jacket Potato with Tuna Cheese Melt£4.60
Jacket Potato with Prawn£5.60
Jacket Potato with Chicken Curry£6.00


Served with mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber & red onion
Chicken, Prawn or Tuna£5.60
Ham, Brie, or Mozzarella£4.60


Toasted Crumpet80p
Toasted Teacake£1.80
Various Danish Pastries/Slices/Mu nsfrom £1.40
Speciality Cake Slices£2.40
Fresh cream or ice creamAdd 20p
Fruit Scone with Jam and Clotted Cream£2.40

Hot Drinks

Espresso Single£1.60 Double £2.00
Americano£2.00 + Milk £2.20
LatteSmall £2.00 Large £2.50
CappuccinoSmall £1.90 Large £2.40
Hot Chocolate (add cream 20p)£2.60
Luxury Hot Chocolate£2.90
Flat White£2.50
Fruit/Herbal Tea£1.80
Babycino(Hot milk & chocolate sprinkles)70p
Extra coffee shot or syrup40p

Cold Drinks

Frappes (With any Syrup)£2.80/£3.30
Fruit Smoothies (All Flavours)£2.80
Ice Cream Shakes£2.80
Ice Teas (Lemon, Raspberry, Peach)£2.50
Bottled avoured Water£1.40
Fruit Juice£1.20
Cans/Bottled Water£1.00
Fruit Shoots/ Ribena70p