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Coffee, fine wines, craft beers or light bites – Caffe Del Nino hasn’t got the highest trip advisor score in Cannock for nothing! So whether its a big bite full of carbohydrates for an energy sapping bike ride through the hills of Hednesford, or you’re looking for  a lazy afternoon lasagne with a bottle of wine, our menu caters for most tastes. Freshly prepared on the premises we are proud of the products we serve, from the humblest of sandwiches to the most audacious of cream cakes. Take a look at what we have to offer below, on the Coffee, Food and Drinks menu

Our Coffee

Caffe Del Nino

Our Coffee


Here at Caffe Del Nino we take immense pride in our coffees. The coffee beans are specially selected and our supplier meticulously roasts to ensure that each cup of coffee is of exceptional quality. Highly trained baristas and the well maintained machinery ensures the perfect cup and prompt service
Coffee TypeSmallRegular
Americano Coffee (Black)£1.80£2.00
Americano Coffee with milk£1.90£2.20
Cappuccino Coffee£1.90£2.40
Latte Coffee£2.00£2.50
Espresso Coffee£1.60£2.00
Added Syrups - 40p each
Frappe (All flavours)Regular - £2.80Pint - £3.30

Caffe Del Ninos

Food Menu

Ninos Special All Day Breakfast

2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, Hash Brown, Beans, Poached or Scrambled Egg, Tomatoes or Mushrooms & 1 Slice of Toast£5.50
Sausage or Bacon Sandwich£2.60
2 Slices of Toast £1.60
Beans on Toast£2.60
Scrambled or Poached Egg on Toast£2.80
Omlette - Plain£2.60
Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Beans, Hash Brown, egg 40p
Bacon, Sausage, Chorizo, Ham60p

Paninis (Grilled)

Cheese & Tomato or Onion£3.80£4.40
Cheese & 1 Filling ( Chicken / Ham / Chorizo / Bacon or Sausage )£4.40£5.00


Cheese, Tomato or Onion£3.40
Cheese & 1 Filling ( Chicken / Ham / Chorizo / Bacon or Sausage )£4.00


Margherita - Cheese & Tomato
(Other toppings available to order ~ please ask)


Fusilli in an Arrabbiata Sauce (spicy)£3.40
Spirali in a Mascarpone Sauce
topped with parmesan cheese
Tortellini – Sausage & Ham
in a tomato and pancetta sauce
Tortellini – four cheese
in a carbonara sauce
Pasta Forno£4.60
Fillings; Chorizo, Sausage, Mediterranean Veg, Mushrooms, Bacon60p
Lasagne served with a side salad
and half baguette
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni served with a side salad
and half baguette
Chilli con Carne served with either rice or jacket potato£6.00

Sandwiches & Baguettes

Cheddar Cheese£3.00£3.40
Tuna Mayonnaise£3.40£3.80
Chicken Mayo£3.50£3.90

Sandwich Combos

Mozzarella & Mediterranean Veg£3.30£3.70
Brie & Bacon£3.40£3.80


Soup of the day
Served with Half a baguette
Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans£4.00
Jacket Potato with Tuna Cheese Melt£4.60
Jacket Potato with Prawn£5.60
Jacket Potato with Chicken Curry£6.00


Served with mixed leaves, tomatoes, cucumber & red onion
Chicken, Prawn or Tuna£5.60
Ham, Brie, or Mozzarella£4.60


Toasted Crumpet80p
Toasted Teacake£1.80
Various Danish Pastries/Slices/Mu nsfrom £1.40
Speciality Cake Slices£2.40
Fresh cream or ice creamAdd 20p
Fruit Scone with Jam and Clotted Cream£2.40

Hot Drinks

Espresso Single£1.60 Double £2.00
Americano£2.00 + Milk £2.20
LatteSmall £2.00 Large £2.50
CappuccinoSmall £1.90 Large £2.40
Hot Chocolate (add cream 20p)£2.60
Luxury Hot Chocolate£2.90
Flat White£2.50
Fruit/Herbal Tea£1.80
Babycino(Hot milk & chocolate sprinkles)70p
Extra coffee shot or syrup40p

Cold Drinks

Frappes (With any Syrup)£2.80/£3.30
Fruit Smoothies (All Flavours)£2.80
Ice Cream Shakes£2.80
Ice Teas (Lemon, Raspberry, Peach)£2.50
Bottled avoured Water£1.40
Fruit Juice£1.20
Cans/Bottled Water£1.00
Fruit Shoots/ Ribena70p

Nino's Selection of


Red Wine

Quite simply we select our house wine each month so the brand may vary but the quality doesn’t. We regard ourselves as a connoisseurs so if we don’t like it, we wont sell it.

from £3.40 Medium Glass 175ml
from £4.70 Large Glass 250ml
from £13 Bottle 75cl

White Wine

Pinot is the go to choice, but what brand is going to differ from month to month. All are staff tested, so we’re confident of the quality, but if you have any suggestion, by all means have a word

from £3.40 Medium Glass 175ml
from £4.70 Large Glass 250ml
from £13 Bottle 75cl
Graffiti Wine Italian, Mexican or Indian from £15 Bottle 75cl

Rose Wine

A lighter bodied alternative to the reds, but if Rose is your choice then we make sure what’s on offer any given month is a brand of distinction that won’t disappoint

from £3.40 Medium Glass 175ml
from £4.70 Large Glass 250ml
from £13 Bottle 75cl
Graffiti Wine Italian, Mexican or Indian from £15 Bottle 75cl



An Italian sparkling white wine.

200ml Bottles £5.50
750ml Bottle £18.00

Bottled Lager Beer – 330ml

Peroni £3.00
Budweiser – £3.00
Stella – £3.00
Asahi – £3.00

Bottled Cider

Kopenburg – £3.20
Rekorderlig – £3.30

Craft Beers – 500ml

ABK Hell – £3.50
ABK Edel – £3.50
ABK Rose – £3.50
Hobgoblin – £3.20

Moretti – £3.00
Spitfire – £3.00
Brewdog – £3.00
Doom bar – £3.00


Bogarts Gin
Bogarts Vodka
Assorted Brandy
Assorted Whiskey

Thursday & Friday are Wine & Craft Beer Nights

Every Friday and Saturday evening, join us for fine wines, a selection of craft beers and guest drinks – if its just the caffeine you’re after, you’ll love our selection of coffees served by our skilled baristas. Keep an eye on our news section for more information about specialist evenings.

Outside Catering



outside catering for parties, events and corporate meals 

An outside catering service is also available from Caffe del Nino. Please contact the friendly team to discuss your requirements so the perfect solution can be provided for your occasion. From simple buffets for children birthday parties to extravagant corporate luncheons, we can cope with most eventuality as long as we have the notice to prepare and collate a team.