Chilli Off Chefs being sort for cash prize

Chilli Off Chefs being sort for cash prize

We have the first of the Chilli Chefs being sort for Cannock’s answer to a south American “Bake off” – 5 more self appointed Chilli connoisseurs are sought to arrive with a cauldron of their premium chilli to be cooked at Caffe Del Nino and “Blind Judged” by the attending clientele. The date will be confirmed once we have the names of the would be chilli champions.

However we have our first approved contestant Mr Gavin Obee who comes highly recommended and has served his chilli across the globe, finding international fame by doing so. Inbox us at our

Facebook page explaining just why you should be considered for this acclaimed competition. Its sure to be an entertaining evening and the people will decide who takes the spoils

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